Medical supports


Orthopaedic products

Eurocomfort Medical: Innovation for your Healthcare

Eurocomfort’s philosophy is characterized by global interest, synergy, investment and care for human and environmental resources. This approach is realized through commercial, technological, cultural exchange and international cooperation.

High quality and resistance are the distinctive features of Eurocomfort products, which are manufactured traditionally in anallergic cotton. A great result of Eurocomfort’s recent research is the special fabric produced through DrySkin technology.


Eurocomfort’s distinctive feature is the significant attention in creating high quality orthopedic products, which give a well-being sensation and constitute at the same time an efficient support in case of pain or during rehabilitation.


The specialization acquired in more than 40 years of activity and the permanent research on materials, allow us to unite comfort and health care.


The complete productive process, going from the production of textiles to the creation of finished products, makes it possible to respond with higher immediacy and efficiency to market needs.

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